2019 Easter & Good Friday Services

Grace Over All

March 11 – April 14

There is a power that will change your life. And it’s always been available to you.

How do some people seem to have hope when their circumstances are hopeless? How do others find strength in spite of their weaknesses? What about those who actually offer acceptance to the people who have hurt them deeply? Or people who can admit they’re afraid and find courage anyway?

The answer lies in a relationship of grace. You are more loved by God than you could possibly know. And He offers you a life with the power to overcome. Grace is the one thing that the church has to offer that you can’t get anywhere else. Somehow we often let this primary message slip into the back ground of the conversation. This series brings it back to the center. Whoever you are, whatever you’ve done, wherever you’ve been, and whatever your story may be, God’s grace is waiting for you.

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