Discover Series

What are Discover Groups?

  • Discover Groups are short-term groups that offer a chance to grow spiritually.
  • These groups normally meet for 5-8 weeks during our Sunday services.
  • They are geared towards getting you started in your faith journey. From there, Small Groups and Discipleship Groups take you to the next growth step.
  • Discover Groups are similar to Small Groups, including studying God’s word, praying with & for each other, having fun, and serving together.
  • You can sign up for any group online or via Communication Card.

Discover the Bible

Nov 3-Dec 8

Discover the Bible is a 6 week class. We will take a look at what is the Bible, why you can trust the Bible, why study the Bible, and how to study the Bible.


Discover Marriage

Mar 15-Apr 26

Discover Marriage is a 6 week marriage study where you will learn how to value your unique differences, refocus on what made you friends, learn how you can deal with conflict quickly, easily, and biblically, and effectively influence your relationship. Open to couples who are married, engaged, or seriously thinking about marriage.


Discover Crossroads


Discover Crossroads is a one hour introduction to life at Crossroads. Meet your Campus Pastor and other staff members. Learn about Crossroads Mission and Vision and ministries available at Crossroads.



Discover Missions

Eldersburg on November 3rd @ 10:45 am

Discover Missions is around a one week class where you can learn about how God working in and through Crossroads to minister to people beyond the walls of our campus buildings. You will learn about our ministry philosophy, our partners and initiatives and how you can join us in the adventure of serving locally, nationally, and to the ends of the earth!


Discover Membership

Feb 2-Mar 8

Discover Membership is a 6 week or one day class that covers our church’s history, mission, vision, values, and statement of faith. You will meet members of our staff and leadership team and get an inside look at what makes Crossroads unique.


Discover Parenting

Nov 3-Dec 15 in Hampstead at 9:00 am // Westminster at 9:30 am

Family. We all came from one. Don’t we all want a better life for our kids than we had growing up? What does a preferred future look like for our family? What exactly are we aiming for? Discover life rules to help with the heart work of parenting for whichever season you're in.



Discover Prayer

Jan 19-Feb 23

Discover Prayer is a 6 week class that will encourage participants to experience God more personally through prayer.


Discover U

May 17

Discover U is a 6 week class that will help you understand who God has uniquely made you to be. You will discover your God-given spiritual gifts, personal style, and ministry passion for serving in and through the body of Christ.


Discover Financial Peace


Discover financial peace by participating in Dave Ramsey's 9 week Financial Peace University. Dump Debt. Plan For Your Future. Build a Legacy. Communicate in Marriage. Win With Money.

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