Child Dedication

Child Dedication

Here at Crossroads our kids ministry strives to support your family at each stage of your faith journey. Opportunities such as child dedication or baptism, provide parents an impactful way to bridge the love of family with the love of God. For that reason, we offer these ceremonies to celebrate the your family’s commitment to God.

What is Child Dedication / Baptism?

In dedication or baptism, you are making a commitment alongside your church community to share the significance of Jesus in the life of your child. While baptism contains sprinkling of water on the child’s head to signify God’s love and promise, in dedication this gesture does not occur. Whether you as parents choose baptism or dedication, the heart of the ceremony is the same.

As you can see from the video, our strategy is simple and aligns with our vision. At Crossroads, we support parents in leading their kids to life-changing faith in Jesus Christ. Should your family determine you have questions on the theology or the details of the ceremony, please contact your campus pastors:

Westminster: Kevin Syes,
Hampstead: Jim Powell,
Eldersburg: Mike Palmer,


The Child Dedication Process

  • If you think dedication is the next step for your family, take a few minutes and watch our video. This video provides the general information on child dedication and baptism.
  • Complete the child dedication application. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule your family commitment.
  • Dedicate your child! Stay tuned for the next opportunity to dedicate your child.



Please complete this form if you are considering dedicating your child:

Child Dedication Form