Child Dedication FAQs

1. How much does baptism / dedication cost?

There is no cost to participate.

2. Can I invite people that do not come to Crossroads?

Yes! Please do. This event is something that you will want to share with your family and friends even if they do not typically attend. Since our child dedication/baptism event is a part of our Sunday morning worship experience, it will give your family and friends a great opportunity to experience Crossroads.

3. What do I need to do between now & the day of the celebration?

Begin to pray for the day that your child will choose Jesus for themselves. Watch the video and complete the homework assignment. Be sure to bring it with you that day.

4. What time to we need to arrive?

Please try to arrive early. We will have seats sectioned off at the front of the sanctuary for you and your guests.

5. What should we wear?

We’re pretty casual here at Crossroads, but if you would like to wear something special for this special occasion, feel free to do so.

6. Will this assure my child’s salvation?

No. We believe that each individual must personally choose to follow Jesus when they are at an age where they can understand the depths of His love and sacrifice. This is a public declaration of your intent to raise your child in a home where Christ is honored.

7. Will my child need to sit through the remainder of the service?

You may choose to keep your child with you, or you may take your child to Diaper Alley (our infant room) for the remainder of the church worship service. If you plan to take your child to the nursery, be sure to check them in at the check in station before the service begins.

8. Can we take pictures?

Feel free to take pictures during the ceremony. We will also have a photographer available at the front of the sanctuary after the service if you would like to have additional pictures taken with family and friends.

9. What should I expect on the day of the event?

The baby dedications/baptisms will be done close to the beginning of the service and should last approximately 10 minutes. There will be a short message as well as a prayer of dedication. If your child is being baptized, the campus pastor will also sprinkle water on your child’s head.