Serve at Crossroads

Ways to Serve

Plug into a ministry and use your gifts to serve others. Wanting to get involved, but don’t know where to start? Check out these areas!

Kids (Birth-5th Grade)

Students (6th-12th Grade)

Guest Services

Prayer & Care

Worship & Tech Team

Disability Ministry

Serve Locally

Serve Regionally / Nationally

Serve Globally

Children's Ministry (Birth-5th Grade)

Love babies, toddlers, elementary school kids? We are committed to providing our children a fun, safe environment to experience and hear about the love of Christ. Join one of our children ministry teams and be blessed.

Westminster Campus: To volunteer in I-5 (infants and preschoolers), contact: Patricia Bryant at To volunteer in 252 (K-5th grade program), contact Margaret Newton at

Hampstead Campus: To volunteer in I-5 (infants and preschoolers), contact: Katie Haynie at To volunteer in 252 (K-5th grade program), contact Wendy Kilroy at

Restoration Campus: To volunteer in I-5 or 252, contact Karen Strine at

Eldersburg Campus: To volunteer in I-5 or 252, contact Jill Kell at

Online Application to Serve: Online Application

Student Ministries (6th-12th Grades)

If you love Christ and teens, this is the serving opportunity for you. We need small group leaders, creative entertainers, speakers, large group leaders and tech/sound support.

Westminster Campus:

Hampstead Campus:

Online Application to Serve: Online Application

Guest Services

We want each person who walks through our doors to feel valued and important, because each person is dearly loved by God.  We would love to have you on our team!  See the opportunities below and to serve with us, contact for Eldersburg & Westminster, for Hampstead, or for Restoration.

- Parking Team
- Greeters
- Hopspitality
- Ushers
- Next Steps Hosts
- Volunteer Central Food Providers
- Security Team
- Luncheon Team

lightstock_78979_small_phillip_hendrenPractical Care

If you are interested in helping out someone in need by providing meals, a ride, help with yard work, cleaning construction, etc., contact Steph Albright, 443-487-4002 or

Is God calling you to walk alongside of  someone who is going through a difficult or growing season in life?  If you would like to be a mentor, please contact Nancy Howard,  443-487-4002 or

Pray for Others

Service Prayer Ministry: To pray for others alongside of church leadership before and after weekend services, click here.

Prayer Workshop: Throughout the year we offer workshops on inner healing prayer ministry. Check out the Care Groups page for information or email

Worship & Tech Team

Our team exists to present the Character of God and the Gospel of Christ in an intentional and creative way to people from a variety of walks and stages of life.

If your gifts and passions are in music, drama, lighting, sound, technology, video or visual arts, contact Sandy Johnson at to see how you can use those gifts to honor God


Disability Ministry

Thrive Camp

Thrive Day Camp is our week long camp to help elementary and middle schoolers with special needs enjoy summer fun in a safe environment and to help families take a break!  Camp includes music, drama Bible teaching, community fun and so much more.  Mark your calendars for the first week in July and check back to this page in the spring of 2019.

Camper and Crew Applications will open up at that time and applications will be due on May 14th, 2019.  Allow 2-3 weeks for someone to notify you if your application has been accepted.  We use this application process to make sure all campers with needs have buddies and caregivers to meet those needs.

1:1 Buddies

If you are interested in becoming a 1:1 buddy for a special needs child, please contact the kids ministry contact for the campus you would like to serve:

Westminster: Margaret Newton at

Hampstead: Wendy Kilroy at

Restoration: Karen Strine at

Eldersburg: Jill Kell at