Thrive Drive

January 1- June 20 | All Campuses

Fuel the fun!

At Thrive Camp, we create inclusive environments to build faith and connections. Your gifts allow us to provide affordable experiences for all campers! We are collecting donations to cover the cost for crafts, snacks, and behind the scenes operations for 100 campers for one week of camp.

Your contribution helps Thrive Camp by:

  • $10 – supplies for a craft activity
  • $25 – snacks for one day of camp
  • $50 – party supplies for the end of camp party
  • $75 – shirts for crew members
  • $100 – a visit from a music therapist
  • $200 – afternoon field trip to a local business
  • $250 – one of two buses needed for a day of camp

You are the driving force that makes thriving life happen for a family impacted by a disability. Thank you for helping us create a fun-filled summer camp for children!

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