A Thank You From Crossroads Partners & Affiliates

As part of our Be Rich message on November 14, we shared thank you’s from our partners and affiliates. We, in turn would like to thank you for your generous support. Without you, Crossroads would not be making the impact it is, both locally here in Maryland but also around the world. A big goal of Be Rich is 100% participation. The suggested amount is $39.95 but as Reid said, you can move that decimal to the left or right, whichever fits your budget and your heart. The cool thing is, we give it all away. That’s right, 100% of what you donate to the Be Rich 2021 campaign goes straight to our partners. How cool is that? If you’d like to jump in, you can click here to give $39.95 or you can click here to give any amount at all. Thank you regardless for being part of the Crossroads family.