Hark —

The Angels announced it on the first Christmas night and we still sing about it every  year – Glory to God in the highest! While the arrival of Jesus was perhaps the most complete expression of God’s Glory it was certainly not the first.

Come and see the glory revealed before Jesus so this Christmas we can see in Jesus what the angels saw that night.


Thursday, 12/23 – 5:00pm*, 7:00pm
Friday, 12/24 3:00pm*, 5:00pm*, 7:00pm


Thursday, 12/23 6:30pm
Wednesday, 12/24 4:00pm*, 5:30pm*


Thursday, 12/23 5:00, 7:00pm* (at Freedom Church)

*Childcare for birth to pre-k available


Thursday, 12/23 7:00pm
Friday, 12/24  7:00pm