Group Life Childcare Scholarships

The Crossroads Group Life Childcare Scholarship provide financial assistance in securing at-home childcare to families attending Crossroads care, connect, or community groups who have already attended in person or who have attended from their home virtually yet privately (i.e. adults who choose to participate in a group virtually from home while a childcare provider supervises the child/children in a separate room). Those requesting a Crossroads Group Life Child Care Scholarship must be the parent or guardian of a child/children under the age of 12. Consideration will also be given for families needing support and supervision because of a dependent with a disability. Requests must be made within 14 days of the group meeting.

Childcare scholarships are available in limited numbers on a weekly basis in the amount of $10 per attending adult per group meeting. If two family members attend a group meeting in the course of a week, they may both request scholarship help.
Recipients are eligible on the basis of legitimate childcare needs, verification of group participation, and provision of a current mailing address.

If scholarship requests are granted, checks will be mailed to the scholarship recipient’s family address. To request a scholarship, click the button below.

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