Crossroads is breaking barriers!

70 to 80% of the people who call Crossroads home are stuck. And worse than that, they’ve given up hope that life will be any different. The problem that keeps us stuck is money! Worries and struggles about money might just be the number one barrier to spiritual growth. If 70 to 80% of the people were struggling with anything else, we would address it right away.

So starting this January, we’re focusing all of our energy on helping everyone who calls Crossroads home to find financial freedom. Through our BREAKTHRU campaign, we’re going to invite God to lead us into new ways of thinking and acting around our finances. We’re asking every person who calls Crossroads home to enroll in a Financial Peace University Class… at the same time! By asking God to lead us all in this one area we believe that breakthrough could jump-start spiritual growth in many other areas. Join us on this journey!



People Live Paycheck-


Average Credit
Card Debt


Average Auto Loan


Households Don’t
Have a Budget


Times & Locations

  • Eldersburg – Sunday mornings, 10:45am
  • Eldersburg – Thursday nights, 6:30pm (Liberty Christian School)
  • Hampstead – Sunday mornings, 9am or 10:30am
  • Hampstead – Sunday nights, 5:30pm
  • Hampstead – Monday nights, 6:30pm
  • Westminster – Sunday mornings, 9:30am or 11am
  • Westminster – Monday nights, 6:30pm
  • Westminster – Tuesday nights, 6:30pm
  • Westminster – Wednesday nights, 6:30pm
  • Westminster – Thursday mornings, 9am


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Breakthru?

Who is Breakthru for?

How much does it cost?

Do I have to pay $88, if I’ve already paid for an FPU membership?

What if I can’t afford the $88 kit fee?

Will every Crossroads small group have to take FPU?

Does the church get any money from this?

Will there be childcare for Breakthru small group meetings?

Can I invite someone who doesn’t attend Crossroads to take the FPU course?

I’m retired… a student… struggling with money… shouldn’t I just opt out?



Benefits of Attending FPU

  • Breathing Room
  • We stop worrying about our finances – peace of mind
  • Stops money fights
  • Saves & heals marriages
  • Creates synergy within our church
  • New friendships formed through class
  • People consider God’s perspective
  • Community connection

What are you waiting for?  The total cost per family to participate in Breakthru is only $88. That is a BIG discount from the normal cost of FPU. Think of this as an incredible investment in yourself, your future, your relationship with God, and your relationship with finances. Join the Crossroads family on this journey!