Our Covid Protocol

We are committed to providing you with a welcoming and safe physical environment for you to worship, learn and serve. In order to ensure your health while at Crossroads we need to know when someone who has attended a service or meeting at one of our locations has tested positive for covid-19.

If you have been to a Crossroads service or meeting and you then test positive for covid please contact us as soon as possible. Your information will be kept confidential. We’re asking you to notify us regarding (a) when you received your positive test and (2) what recent service or meeting you attended. That enables us to then let other people who attended that same service/event know that they may have been exposed to covid-19 and may want to consider getting tested. Please notify Wendy Kilroy, our Director of Operations by:

  • Email
  • Phone: 240/535-9572

Your personal information will not be shared with anyone.

In addition to notifying other Crossroads service/meeting attendees about their potential exposure we want to care for YOU! Specifically we would like to have someone from your campus elder/deacon team reach out to see if they can pray for you and/or your affected family member and learn if there are any practical ways we can serve you while you and your family members are in isolation/quarantine. If you do not wish any follow up from a campus outreach team member we will certainly honor that too.

If you have recently attended a Crossroads service/meeting at which we learn another attender has subsequently tested positive for covid-19 you will receive a phone call letting you know that you may have been exposed to covid-19. We will provide information on how you can obtain testing, and offer to both pray with and serve your family as you go through the testing process.

Thank you for helping us provide everyone at Crossroads with a safe, enjoyable environment!